Learn WordPress Under 30 Minutes

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We all know how developing websites have become so easy, in recent years. And with Content Management Systems(CMS) which are so powerful that you can create your website in no time, there is one CMS that has stand stood and increased its popularity. Yes, you know which CMS we are talking about WordPress(WP).

According to a survey WordPress has acquired about 46% of market share in website development. Especially, for beginners and people with almost zero knowledge of coding, WordPress makes it super easy to make a high tech website like a shopping portal or a market place to super or anything you can imagine.

So let me take you through these journeys on learning the best CMS available in the market. The fun part of this course is you just have to spend a total of “30 minutes” learning everything. I know time is the biggest asset of our life so I have designed a course that can bring you as much value as possible in very little time. So by not wasting more time lets jump right into it.


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